The Vinyl Room is a professional vinyl mastering studio which is able to make very loud cuts for you so that your projects that are cutted here and finally pressed will have a premium and loud sound.

The loudness is restricted by the recording time per side and the amount of
low frequencies in your recording. Much bass needs space on the lacquer and too much trebles can damage the cutterhead. So mostly a good pre-mastering is required.

We have 2 lathes:

One Neumann VMS 80 in combination with Ortofon GO 741 cutting amplifiers and a Neumann VMS 70 wich is modified with a Technics SP2 motor and a Varigroove computer designed by Sean Davies.

We use only high class studio equipment such as as the Weiss 102 Mastering System, Weiss DAC 1 DA Converter, Sadie Artemis, Protools, Peak Pro and several tube- and other top outboard.

Check our gearlist for details.

All running on Mac Pro Computers (except the Sadie Artemis) to assure stability and error free masters.

We understand that you have spent months or even years of hard work on your project. You want to take it to the next level, to make it commercial. We can help you with this supplying a high quality master.

We place "musicality" at the forefront of the vinyl mastering process. Yes, we will make your master clear, crisp, warm, and competitively loud - but not at the expense of your music !